2018-2019 Council Farewell: Catherine Willis

The past year has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and so has my term as Vice President-Standards. I never thought that a position such as that one would help me grow as a person in the way in which it has, but nonetheless, I have gained so much. I can now be a more confrontational leader and a better friend – one who is more confident in herself and can voice what she believes in. I am so grateful to have had this time, as it has been truly life changing for me. Kappa Delta has given me more than I can ever pay back – not only leadership skills and personal growth, but many close friendships along the way. These will be what I remember and cherish most when I think of my time as VP-S.

I want to thank all of those who made it so easy for me to be a force in this position. I will start with my two Chapter Advisory Board members who helped with my position, Abby and Libby. You two have guided me for the entire year, and I can’t thank you enough for simply being who you are so that I will have a great example to follow. To my standards board as well, Lizzie, Chloe, Rachel, and Sara, I thank you all for being there for me, sometimes at the drop of a hat. You listened so well and truly wanted what was best for our girls. I appreciate that more than you know. To my social chairs/assistant, Abi, Mackenzie, and Lauren, I would have driven myself crazy if it weren’t for you three. You made each party happen (along with your wonderful committee), and each of them were successes and so, so fun. Thank you for handling a job that can be a lot at times with such ease. To my amazing academic excellence chair, Mackenzie, you have truly shined as a leader this past year, and you did a fantastic job in your position with being efficient and organized when I had question after question. I wish you well with taking over my position on council this coming year! You will do a wonderful job, I know. 

I want to shine a special light on my fellow council members – Claudia, Sarah Beth, Riley, Madison, Maddie, Hannah, Camille, Hannah, and Lillian. You always helped me without question, and I greatly appreciate your being there for me when I wasn’t sure of what to do. I relied on your advice numerous times, and I felt confident in trusting you all because of how stellar you each are as individuals. We had a wonderful term, and I can’t thank you enough for our friendship, the advice you gave, and all the laughs we shared. I will forever be grateful for not only my time on council, but for getting to share that time with the nine of you. I could not have asked for a better group. 

To everyone else who helped along the way and to the entire chapter, I thank you. As there are tons of you, and it would take many more pages to name you all, I will keep this short. Each of you plays an essential part in our sorority and, whether you know it or not, in my position, by helping me in numerous ways. I want to say how grateful I am for all of you because we would not be who we are as a chapter if it weren’t for each of you. So, to everyone in KD whom I have met along the way, thank you, thank you, thank you. I have loved my time in this position, but now that it has come to an end, I have realized something –

"I will not miss the position as much as I will miss the people."

Nonetheless, I will be here for one more year, so you all aren’t rid of me yet! Love you guys, and keep being the amazing people you are.

With kindest regards, I remain,

Catherine Willis

2018-2019 VP-Standards


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