2018-2019 Council Farewell: Hannah Cobb

Over the past year, (wow I cannot believe it has actually been a whole year) I have learned so much about myself, Kappa Delta, and most of all, finances. As VP-Finance, I have had the opportunity to be behind the scenes with budgeting, purchasing, billing, and other aspects of checks and balances. I have learned so many skills that I will be able to apply to the real world as I graduate college and start a career, as well as in my personal life. It has been an honor to be able to work closely with each chapter member. This position has given me the chance to connect with members and hopefully help them to better understand financial responsibility. 

One of the biggest honors that I have had through this position is working with the other council members. We have made so many great memories, and have built lifelong friendships. I have learned valuable lessons from each of them, and for that I am forever grateful. I was also blessed with an outstanding advisor (the best, in my opinion) in Ms. Libby Wibker. She is one of the most dynamic women I have ever met, and I have enjoyed so much getting to learn from her and work alongside her. 

Leading this chapter in any position is a large task, and along with the job comes very high expectations.

"I can only hope that I have made a positive impact on the finances of the Alpha Chi chapter, and also on the members and chapter as a whole."

Now, I am preparing to transition into my new council position as VP-Public Relations, and I could not be more excited to continue to serve in this capacity. I look forward to continuing to work alongside our incoming VP-F to ensure that she is confident in all of her responsibilities and that we continue to thrive financially. I also look forward to expanding my skills more creatively with my new position, and I cannot wait to promote and brag on this amazing chapter as my job for the next year.

"Kappa Delta has been so instrumental in my life, and I continue to be humbled by the chances that I have been given to serve and lead this chapter. "

KD love,

Hannah Cobb

2018-2019 VP-Finance

2019-2020 VP-Public Relations


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