2018-2019 Council Farewell: Hannah Matejowsky

What a year!!

First, thank you Kappa Delta for allowing me to have a small part in leading you in all things PR related!! I have not only learned so much over the past year but have had the privilege to meet and cultivate relationships with some of my closest friends.

This year we focused our PR efforts on making public relations more chapter and alumnae friendly. Of course, the chapter blog (which is almost a year old) (wow time flies when you’re having fun) was a huge asset to bridging the gap between potential members, members in house, and members for a lifetime. This was one of the most fun and rewarding tasks I got to take on during my term and I hope the chapter will be able to use it in so many new ways for many years to come! 

"I loved being behind the camera all year long and capturing all of your memories - I hope y’all loved looking at them as much as I loved taking them!!"

Thank you, Kappa Delta for making the past year the very best! Hannah Cobb, I wish you so so much luck, I am so proud of you already!! To the next council, y’all are so capable and will lead the chapter in all the right directions. Old council, y’all will always be my favorites — I’m so thankful to have grown closer to each of you over the past year.

AOT, Hannah Matejowsky

2018-2019 VP-Public Relations


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