2018-2019 Council Farewell: Lillian Morris

Serving as Panhellenic Delegate for the past year has truly been a rewarding experience that has humbled me and made me grow as an individual. As I first stepped into the role as Panhellenic Delegate I had no idea how it would impact my time in Kappa Delta.

Through this position I have gained a greater love for this organization. The simple phrase “However much you put it in is how much you are going to get out” has come to life and something I cling to. I found that in the past it was easy to depend on others and what they could do for me to impact my time in Kappa Delta.  When I gained this new perspective of how I could do things to make someone else's experience better is when it all came into focus for me. I am most fulfilled when I am doing things for others and making someone else's day better. The position of Panhellenic Delegate in KD gave me the perfect opportunity to do this. To be able to serve an organization or a group of people is rewarding to say the least. It has pushed me to have a greater understanding of what Kappa Delta is and who we are as a chapter.

"What I have felt for this chapter this past year, I hope everyone gets to experience in their time of being a member of the Alpha Chi Chapter."

One of the most rewarding parts about being able to serve on council was serving alongside a strong group of women that I had the opportunity of serving beside. To first hand see them serve the rest of the chapter so selflessly was encouraging. Most things they did were not even acknowledged by the chapter but that was what was so unique about them. They did not whole-heartedly serve the chapter for the recognition they would receive but merely because of who they are as individuals. I look up to and admire each and everyone of their servants hearts.

"As a chapter, I look around and see how blessed we are to be surrounded by such unique individuals who together form our distinctive sisterhood."

 After gaining this appreciation for Kappa Delta I wanted to continue to be involved. I am very proud to say that I am able to serve the Alpha Chi Chapter this upcoming year as the Vice President of Membership. One of my major goals as I step into this position is that I am able to impact others and make their time in KD as special as mine has been. I am eager to begin this new and exciting adventure with you all!


Lillian Morris 

2018-2019 Panhellenic Delegate

2019-2020 VP-Membership


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