2018-2019 Council Farewell: Madison Brewton

The past three (and a quarter) years at Louisiana Tech have easily been the best years of my life. Not just because I’m in college, not because I have more freedom, not because of the parties and exchanges and formals. It’s been the best three years because of the amazing women I’ve met in Kappa Delta, the women who have truly become my sisters on every level. When I think back on my experience in Kappa Delta and as a council member, I am constantly reminded of how I have grown significantly in multiple capacities. I am stronger, more capable, more independent, confident, and more uniquely myself because of the incredible influence of my sisters.

"They constantly inspire and push me to do more and achieve more."

My two years on council especially have made me into a better version of myself as I have been surrounded by driven and uplifting women. They inspire me every day to be confident, philanthropic, thoughtful, strong, free-spirited, and to love others unconditionally.

"They see potential in me when I don’t see it, and they encourage me to set high goals for myself."

Every one of my fellow council members has been there for me even in my darkest moments, and on many occasions their encouragement, prayers, and wise advice has been the reason I can make it through the day. I thank every single member of the 2019 council for being wonderful people, loyal friends, and true sisters. Claudia, Camille, Catherine, Hannah Cobb, Hannah Matejowsky, Lillian, Maddie, Riley, and Sarah Beth, I love y’all more than words can describe. Thank you for being my sunshine.

"I truly do not know who I would be without Kappa Delta."


Madison Brewton

2017-2018 VP-Standards

2018-2019 VP-Operations


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