Caitlin Courtright

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

I never imagined that I would join a sorority because no one in my family was ever a involved in Greek life. Once I decided that Louisiana Tech was going to be home for the next four years, I told my parents that I was interested in joining a sorority. Because I didn't have a job yet and because I would have to pay my own bill, this decision required a lot of prayer. As my job searching journey trudged on, I learned more and more about each house. A few months later, the Lord provided the most perfect job for me working on campus at the Early Childhood Education Center.

When I attended orientation, I met two girls who were Kappa Deltas, and so quickly felt welcomed by their conversation. It was then that I knew that I had already had my eyes set on Kappa Delta. The day recruitment started I remember the nervousness and wonder about what was waiting for me inside each house. When I walked into the Kappa Delta lodge, I knew that it was something special. Riley Robertson picked me up at the door and all my nerves disappeared. She genuinely cared for me and the things I was passionate about. Madison Kaufman walked up and I could tell that I had so much in common with the women in front of me.

When I arrived at the Kappa Delta lodge the nest day, Morgan Funes picked me up at the door, and #WOW. Once we began talking about our interests and favorite things it was as if I was looking into a mirror. I have never met anyone in my life who is so similar to me in so many ways.

Each time I walked into the Kappa Delta lodge I never once felt out of place or alone.

The women in that room deeply cared for one another and it was so evident as I sat on the floor gazing up at them as a PNM. When I arrived at the house on preference day I had tears in my eyes because I was so overwhelmed with joy, but also a little nervous as usual. Morgan met me at the door and immediately calmed my nerves.

After the last round of recruitment came to a close, I was filled with anxiousness and excitement. In the midst of all that emotion, I also felt the most strange sense of peace that the Lord was going to put me exactly where I needed to be and where I would experience the most personal growth. After what seemed like the longest afternoon, the time came to open our bid cards and mine said K A P P A D E L T A!!!

Each day I get to know and love on so many of the girls in Kappa Delta. This year, my biological sister joined Kappa Delta and it has been the most unexpected, yet sweetest gift EVER. I get to show her each day why I cherish this sorority so much. Looking back on all the worry and stress I felt of coming to a college where I knew no one, now seems so silly because I have so many friends that God placed in my life for a specific reason. The women of Kappa Delta have pushed me to become a better woman of God, a better friend, and a better sister!


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