Emily Seabaugh

Kappa Delta: Ten Letters That Last A Lifetime:

Coming into college, I could have never predicted just how radically joining a sorority could change a person. I was afraid that I would not find a place in greek life where I really belonged, boy BOY was I wrong! During my mere year and a half of membership in Kappa Delta, I have ended up finding my people, getting outside of my comfort zone, and becoming part of an oh so special legacy.

The first time I knew I wanted to call Kappa Delta home was during recruitment. In the Kappa Delta lodge, I couldn’t help but notice that each sister is remarkably different and yet the chapter is still a close-knit circle. Even now, from inside those four walls, I still believe this to be true. The diversity within our chapter has shown me that here in KD, I can be who I truly am and I can still find my place in this sisterhood. Every friendship I have formed has filled me with more confidence than I had in the past. These ladies have loved me for the whacky girl that I am, and they have blessed my life in more ways than they will ever know. They have been so reliable through thick and thin. Whether we are singing Bohemian Rhapsody at Karaoke Nights or crying over ice cream, these sisters have been the friends I have always hoped for. These girls have loved me for who I really am and that’s the kind of friendship every girl dreams of finding in college, right?

Another reason which that made Kappa Delta a crystal clear choice was how every member is important. Our chapter gives every single member a specific role in helping the chapter function and improve, whether it be designing t-shirts, making reports at meetings, or straightening up the lodge. These jobs help build confidence by giving opportunities to grow through leadership in the chapter. My role so far as historian has given me opportunities to face my fears and uncover abilities I didn't know I had. As a freshman, giving the historian reports was a daunting task. After I nervously gave my first one, so many sisters came up to me after meeting and encouraged me and gave me pointers to improve on in the future. With my time as historian over, I can see that having to get out of my comfort zone in this way added so much to my Kappa Delta experience because I grew with the support of my encouraging sisters.

Kappa Delta membership is for a lifetime. When I first heard these words as a new member, I didn’t give them much thought; however, the more I looked around me, the more I realized they were true. My real-life sister, Catherine, is a Kappa Delta alumnae and she graduated from Louisiana Tech the spring before I arrived. I got to watch her grow so much through her involvement in this sisterhood throughout her time at Louisiana Tech. Since I pledged, it's my turn to share so much of my experience with her! Sharing these special memories with has actually brought us closer as sisters—if that was even possible. Her lasting dedication is so inspiring to me because I can tell that even after college her time in Kappa Delta is still so meaningful to her.

If the person I was before I started college and my current self were to meet, they would likely not recognize each other. In just a year and a half, my outlook and lifestyle have become entirely different. I have learned to be more comfortable to be myself and I've become more confident in me. All of that thanks to having received a bid to sweet home Kappa Delta.


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