Getting Involved: Sydney Seaford

What's up ladies, I'm Sydney! I wanted to take a second to tell you about all of the opportunities Greek life can offer you both within your sorority and on-campus.

Coming to Tech from a small town in southern Louisiana, my connections here were limited to say the least. I had some reservations about how involved I could be and what it would take to get there. Little did I know, joining a sorority was the first step in becoming more involved than I thought possible!

As an incoming freshman Greek life gives you the opportunities to meet unique people with different interests that are involved in a variety of organizations on campus. Like many incoming freshmen, I was eager to get involved and receive the full experience of college life. After I went through recruitment everything changed for the better: my new sisters gave me the resources and connections that I needed to get involved.

At my high school, I was always a member of Student Government so I was really interested running for freshman senator at Louisiana Tech, but the fear of not knowing enough people to vote for me was #terrifying. After only a couple of weeks of getting to know my new sisters, it was time for elections for freshman class senator. My sisters stood by me and supported me as I stepped out of my comfort zone in a new community and a new place. After I became a freshman senator, I was able to continue my career in Student Government through three additional roles.

At Louisiana Tech I have also had the opportunity of being a part of the Student Advancement Team (SAT), an organization which promotes student philanthropy to the Louisiana Tech Foundation in order to further University advancement and student scholarship. As a member of SAT I have served as their head of Public Relations and currently serve as secretary.

Through both of these organizations, as well as a few others, members have fostered my growth and encouraged both my personal and professional development. By getting involved on campus, you have the opportunity to meet people, get connected, and prepare yourself for the rest of your life. It's often that the first step is joining a house full of 200 women who can't wait to support and cheer for you.

Through on-campus involvement I have met some of my best girls, friendships that will stick with me for life. I have transformed into someone who is confident in leading others and into someone who will continue to do so after graduation.

Another positive aspect of #goinggreek in general is that joining a sorority itself gives you opportunities to be involved! As an in-house member, you can be participate in leadership roles like heading up a committee or being on your chapter's council. As an incoming freshman I encourage you to not only become a part of the Greek community, but a part of the Louisiana Tech Family. I promise you won't regret it! #everloyalgreek


Sydney Seaford


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