Gracie Kimbrell: #kddidit

Sister Gracie Kimbrell played a huge part in startingWalk for Wheezy, a nonprofit organization founded in 2016 as a memorial for Eloise Ann “Wheezy” Owen.

"Wheezy" died at 9 years old of a congenital heart defect known as hypo-plastic left heart syndrome which is basically where half of her heart was missing. Since then, the goal of Walk for Wheezy has been to raise money and awareness for congenital heart defects in other children, adults and seniors. In 5 years, Walk for Wheezy has raised over $250,000 for Arkansas Children’s Hospital and the CVICU.

Wheezy’s mom said it best, “Tragedy doesn’t always have to end in darkness. Sometimes it can be the light for others.”

That is exactly what Walk for Wheezy has tried to accomplish in the past 5 years.Eloise’s name will always be remembered and will always be a testament to the faith of the Owens and the incredible care of her ACH team.

We are so proud of Sister Gracie Kimbrell for her dedication to this organization and her heart for service.




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