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Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Wow, I really cannot believe it is already 2019. So far, this school year has flown by and it feels like just yesterday I became a Kappa Delta. Looking back at 2018, that was one of the best and most impactful decisions of my year as a whole. If you would have asked me if I was going through recruitment at this time last year, I more than likely would have said no, but deep down part of me has always wanted to have a look for myself into the sorority life. There were a lot of reasons I decided to go through recruitment as a sophomore but that is a story for another time. :)

Over the past five months or so, Kappa Delta has given me the most incredible memories. Looking back on the first half of my sophomore year, almost all of my football games, study dates, coffee runs, and midnight snacks have been shared with my KD sisters. Even though I already knew a lot of girls who were Kappa Delta's, joining the same sisterhood as them brought us closer than ever. I don’t want to imagine what life would be like without these girls by my side.

I remember going to nearly every single SET meeting with my girl Caroline Hill! I mean how crazy is it that we grew up together in the exact same town and without Kappa Delta, we might not be as close to each other as we are now and I know I would not know as much about diabetes without her!

Then, there is Maryanna Spillers, Rachel Hebert, and Haylie Travis. I spent all summer serving alongside these awesome girls at a summer camp, Camp Ozark, and now they are my sisters! Maryanna and I did dance together way back in the gap and other than being on the same competition team, we don’t have many memories together, so I am thrilled to have made up for so much lost time in the past couple of months. Rachel Hebert is one of the main reasons that session four this past summer was some of the best two weeks of my life. I had the incredible honor to be her co-counselor and I learned so much from her. I had no idea who Haylie was prior to coming to Camp Ozark and then we ended up spending just about every single off day and off lunch together. We had a lot of great talks over laundry and Mexican food; I enjoyed getting to grow together this summer. Some of my sweetest memories from camp were shared with these three girls.

Oh my, the laughs I have shared with them. Emily Canerday, that girl is incredible. First my co-worker, then my bestie, now my sister! She has been a blessing beyond measure to me. She has prayed over me, given me incomparable advice, and challenged me to be the best version of myself. Haynes Meyer is my long lost soul sister who I wish I was half as cool as. She knows accountability that is for sure. I will say that I need to stop being over-dramatic about things I have no control over and I can count on her to keep me in line and put me in her place. She is so simple in the most encouraging way and that inspires me. The bond I have with all of these girls is deeply rooted in Kappa Delta and there is nothing in this world that can match that bond.

Each of these ladies listed above plus SO MANY MORE have shaped my life the past year. I could go on and on forever about everyone who has made me a better version of myself. In the end, it does not come down to a particular person, it boils down to Kappa Delta and the confidence it inspires.

The Kappa Delta mantra is “Building Confidence. Inspiring Action.” and KD does exactly that. Through different relationships, confidence is something you gain from the solid support from your sisters. This confidence is given to each individual within Kappa Delta to then go into the world and create relationships with people outside of the sorority, and therefore inspire action across a bigger spectrum. I am thankful to have the opportunity to go through life with all of these girls plus more in my life. Even though each of these girls I met before recruitment, since becoming a part of this sisterhood, I have learned what real friendship looks like. Friends that encourage you, care for you, sacrifice for you, and know you better than you know yourself. With that, I have been challenged to become a better friend, to give my sisters in Kappa Delta true friendship like they have given me. It is always a daunting task to try to give back to something or someone that has done so much for you, but that is why I am proud to be a Kappa Delta. So that maybe, just maybe, I can give back, even in the smallest amount, to this sisterhood that not only holds great opportunity, but even greater relationships. In 2019, I am looking forward to growing deeper with all of these girls and many more while creating even better memories. 2018 will be a hard year to beat, but 2019 is looking good!

Love and AOT,

Gracie Smith


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