#initiated: Abbey Matejowsky

Hey y’all, I’m Abbey!

Today and everyday I’m thankful for the sisterhood, friendships, and joy that Kappa Delta has given me! I chose KD because the minute I walked into the lodge during recruitment I felt right at home. Every conversation was intentional and genuine, and every member in the house made me feel like more than just a name on the list of girls they had to talk to that day. Each girl I spoke with in KD took the time to dig deeper than surface level, and really got to know me. True friendship is what I was looking to get out of recruitment, and that’s exactly what I’ve gained from Kappa Delta!

I’ve been gifted with the most amazing sisters, and I seem to gain more every day. Kappa Delta has pushed me to grow my circle, and make new friends that I probably wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to know otherwise! Between my sweet SET group that I got to hang with on Mondays, each of my Rose Bud dates, and all of our sisterhood events, I’ve been blessed with the sweetest friendships that will far surpass our college years. One of my favorite memories so far from KD was Big/Little week! I truly felt so loved and cared for by the sweetest big. With all of the baskets she sent me that were full of all of my favorite things, I couldn’t help but overflow with joy and excitement to squeeze my big so tight at reveal! At the end of the week I finally got to join the most perfect fam — love y’all!!!!

With all of that being said, Kappa Delta is so much more than just the sisterhood that I was searching for. This chapter has taught me how to strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. This chapter has taught me how to uphold values that will allow me to better myself and those around me.

This chapter has given me the opportunity to grow as a person, and have sisters that will support and challenge me through all of my many endeavors both here at Louisiana Tech, and for the many years to come after!

I forever owe Kappa Delta my gratitude for all that it has brought me, and all that it will bring me in my future years as a KD girl!




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