Inspiring Action: Mary Grace Dupuy

Hey y’all, my name is Mary Grace! Today, I want to take some time and share with you how Greek life inspires me to be a better leader. Ever since I was a little girl, I always desired to lead others. Throughout my youth, I had many opportunities where I served in leadership roles. Coming into college, I knew I wanted to #gogreek for many reasons, but especially to grow in my leadership skills and inspire action in others. Greek life exceeded any and all expectations I had and helped me to recognize gifts Christ gave me to impact others.

I believe that in order to pour out to others, you must first be poured into. This was an important lesson I learned through leadership. Greek life gave me sisters that poured into me and helped shape the woman I have become. I was surrounded with women who encouraged me and called out truths they saw in me that I could not see for myself. My Greek community invested in my leadership qualities and helped me to inspire others. My sisters made me better and gave me the confidence to lead others well. I was able to inspire action because others inspired me.

Greek life presented me with numerous opportunities to serve in leadership roles both in and outside of my chapter. During my first year at Louisiana Tech, I was asked to participate in many on campus organizations as well as serve as a Shamrock assistant for my chapter. As a

Shamrock assistant, I was able to work alongside our

Vice President of Community Service, Maddie Lectenberg. During our first meeting, she expressed how grateful she was to have me on her team and valued my input. She also encouraged me to get others involved as well.

Maddie knew the importance of teamwork and unity and displayed those qualities so evidently.

She inspired me to include my sisters and listen whole-heartedly. Because of Maddie and her resilience in including others in action, I was inspired to give others the opportunity to take action within other organizations. With the help of many students, I was able to co-host a Tender Love and Care day for my school. I wanted to create a fun environment where students felt welcomed and appreciated while also inspiring them to spread joy and love to others. It was exciting to see students continue spreading positive energy weeks after our event and grow together as a student body.

After a devastating tornado ripped through our school, many students, as well as the Greek community, came together to serve others. I was able to participate in our annual Big Event where we helped clean up the aftermath of the storm and give to those who were in need. Helping my peers and community allowed me to inspire action. Seeing my friends and school come together despite adversity was a unique experience that I will always cherish. It was special seeing how one action could inspire many others to make a difference.

Going Greek was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The Greek community has made me a better and stronger leader because of its investment to inspire action into others. As a Greek woman, I have had the opportunity to inspire others to take action through my own Greek chapter and other organizations. Because of my sisters’ willingness to inspire me, I now get the chance to inspire others to act and make a difference. Someone once told me, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Action is what inspiration is all about.

Acting on your beliefs and choosing to serve and influence others will light up this world. Choosing to “Go Greek” will provide you with so many friends that will challenge you to take action, and you can inspire others to do the same. Go Greek. Inspire Action. Be The Change.


Mary Grace Dupuy


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