Lauren Cox

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Why did you stay in Kappa Delta? That was a question we, as a chapter, were asked to think about at a sisterhood meeting. I was just beginning my sophomore year, and it had been a year since I had joined Kappa Delta. This was not a question that I had been asked before, it had never even crossed my mind. The question struck me as a bit odd in the beginning; it wasn’t a typical question. Not why did you join Kappa Delta. Not what made you go through recruitment. Why did you stay in Kappa Delta after all of the excitement of bid day calmed down? Why did you stay in Kappa Delta after the classes and clubs and college in general began to eat away at your time? For me personally, why did you stay after being so hesitant of going through recruitment in the first place? Why did you stay in Kappa Delta? Even though I had never considered this question before it was asked of me, as soon as the words were spoken aloud, I had memories pop into my mind ready to be answers to this question.

The day after bid day was a Monday, and that meant classes. Unfortunately, recruitment has this inevitable way of getting you and every other girl in a sorority sick. Every year without fail- three years total- I have gotten what we call the recruitment crud. I was sick on that Monday, but being a Freshman and an all-around nerd, I was refused to skip class. I walked from building to building feeling horrible and desperately wanting my mom. All of a sudden a girl that I had never met or seen before in my life, ran up behind me and greeted me with a friendly smile. She had spotted the Kappa Delta button I had proudly pinned to my backpack the night before. She informed me she was a senior and welcomed me into Kappa Delta; she asked if I needed help finding classes. When I apologized for my lack of voice and explained that I was sick, she pulled out Dayquil from her backpack and offered to buy me tea from the bookstore. I was only in my first full day of being in Kappa Delta, and I was already being taken care of like a little sister.

A few weeks into my fall quarter freshman year, I had sat down in the student center to quickly scarf down my lunch before going to the library. I had just gotten settled when I heard my name shouted across the room. I looked up and saw a girl in the pledge class above me, Maddie, wave and say, “Want to come sit with us?” I gathered my things and went to sit with her and her fellow Kappa Delta friends. I remember I didn’t talk much, which is strange for me, but I was blown away that this girl invited me to come sit with her and her friends. You see, I had only met Maddie briefly a few days before this. I couldn’t believe she even remembered my name, let alone ask me to come sit with her. I felt gratitude towards her. It was a small gesture that I’m not even sure she remembers, but it made me feel welcomed.

These were the two situations that immediately came to mind when I was asked why I stayed in Kappa Delta, but it wasn’t solely these two things. Some reasons why I stayed can’t be wrapped up into a nice little story, and sometimes, my reasons can’t even be put into words. A lot of growing and changing and adjusting occurs in college. That sounds very cliché and like something your parents tell you on move-in day, but it’s true. I’ll be twenty-one in a few months, and it is very strange to look back on how different my life was just two and a half years ago as a new college student.

Kappa Delta was there for me through all of the changes, including the growing pains. The friends and sisters that I gained in Kappa Delta have been a part of some of my best memories since getting to Louisiana Tech University, but they’ve also been there for me on the days that weren’t so great. They’ve been there through family troubles, boy troubles, class troubles, and all of the troubles that come with being young and in college. When I’m sad, my tears get wiped away. When I’m stressed, I’m given a cup of coffee and some words of motivation. When I’m discouraged, I’m reminded that I’ve made it this far. Kappa Delta has given me a never ending supply of support, love, and friendship. When I think about the question, about why I stayed, it ultimately comes down to one answer and one reason: I could never imagine not staying.


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