Let's Talk About Confidence: Lindsey Thornton

Hey ya'll I'm Lindsey! I want to talk about something that is often overlooked when talking about the 'bigger picture' of sorority life. Confidence it key in any successful woman and Greek life gives its' members opportunities to build it. I, along with countless other Greek women have witnessed that firsthand and I'd love to share what you can find by becoming a member of Greek life.

When I started my freshman year, I believed I had a lot of confidence already and improving upon that was not one of the things I thought I would gain from Greek life. However, I had no idea what challenges I would face in my first year of college and how much those obstacles would so quickly knock down the “confidence” I thought I had.

I came to Tech full of enthusiasm and with expectations of what I thought my freshman year would look like; however, if I'm being honest, they were pretty rough. When you move to a new town, new school, and new season of life, you are forced to discover who you are, what you stand for, and what your purpose is. Adjusting to the 'newness' of college-life was tougher than I'd expected. While this is such a beautiful process, it can seem like chaos in the midst of it. I felt that everyone else around me was happy and thriving, and I was not. I feared that I would not make an impact on both the sorority and university that I loved so dearly. My typically positive, cheerful outlook on life became all the more clouded.

Through such a difficult time in my life, God used my sisters to encourage, motivate, and remind me of my value.

There were days I would be so physically, emotionally, and mentally drained that I did not want to do a single thing, yet I always looked forward to Greek events. I never regretted going to those sisterhood gatherings, philanthropy events, or meetings because it was at those things that I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to sisters and be encouraged by their words and presence. Several of my sisters reached out to me often to get coffee and listen to my struggles. They empathized with me while also giving me advice and hope. They instilled confidence throughout the week through text messages and face-to-face conversations.

My sisters were a support system when I felt worthless and tired. I could not have made it through those difficult quarters without my sisters constantly reminding me that I had a big purpose at Louisiana Tech and in the Greek community.

In the spring quarter, I finally started to accept who I was. God began to reveal his purpose for me in Greek life and at Tech. Ultimately, it was God who reminded me of the confidence I can have in Him, but He used my sisters to motivate me. I decided to BE confident even when I did not FEEL confident.

Because of the encouragement from my sisters, I applied for several organizations even though I feared being rejected. Because my sisters pushed me, I am now in leadership positions I never thought I would be. Because my sisters encouraged me, I am now pursuing my passions.

I am so thankful that I am surrounded by hardworking and service-orientated women whose confidence in themselves inspires me. Now I can inspire confidence in others because confidence was inspired in me. I am incredibly grateful that I decided to go Greek because I would not be the person I am today without the Greek community.

Going Greek does not just allow you to meet new friends and be involved on campus, but to encourage and motivate others to take steps toward their goals.

Greek life introduces you to women who are devoted, determined, and full of a desire to serve the people around them. It provides you with a community that will inspire to do more, give more, and be more. I can {confidently} say that going Greek was one of the best decisions I ever made.

With confidence,

Lindsey Thornton


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