Lori Wallace: #kddidit

Joining Kappa Delta as a freshman at Louisiana Tech was overwhelming. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for in a sorority, and I definitely did not know what I would find. Throughout my first year in KD, I spent time navigating what I wanted my experience to look like and who I wanted to have in my corner. I imagined everything from a great group of friends to the type of things you see in movies about sororities. I found the best friends and a multitude of opportunity. My time as a collegian in KD was spent laughing, learning, and growing. Through finding my place in Kappa Delta, I uncovered who I was as an individual, gained confidence through personal growth, and began to understand what I wanted life to look like for myself.

In the KD world when we’re feeling anything from thankful to apathetic, we like to brainstorm the opportunities that KD has afforded us by saying “if not for Kappa Delta”. If not for Kappa Delta, I would not know some of the greatest women in my life. I was able to follow in Abbie King’s footsteps and find my lifelong best friend and college roommate, Katie Stanfield. So many

others impacted my time as a collegian and still encourage me as a recent college graduate. I owe so much to this organization.

If not for Kappa Delta, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to serve on council, give back to the organization, and work with incredible people. The women that I served alongside never failed to impress me and pushed me to do more than I had ever imagined. They supported me through every failure and every victory. When I decided to apply to become a Leadership Development Consultant for National KD, these women were right beside me throughout the entire process and were my biggest cheerleaders. As a matter of fact, they still are.

When I joined KD almost five years ago, I never imagined that it would take me to where I am sitting today—representing the organization that I hold so dear to my heart as a Leadership Development Consultant. Doing this job and meeting women all over the country and learning from them has truly been an amazing experience. Nine months ago, I stepped foot on a plane to begin my first chapter visit. I felt so many emotions: nervousness, eagerness, excitement. Throughout my Kappa Delta journey, I have felt this overwhelming sense of emotion many times. The lifelong friends I have made in KD have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and do the unimaginable things. Now, I am anxiously and happily waiting to begin a second year of traveling, interacting with incredible women, and forming lasting relationships. If not for Kappa Delta, I would not have had this wonderful opportunity.

Kappa Delta has allowed me to grow as I serve and be the best ME that I can be. I could never repay the organization for giving me so much. For those of you beginning your KD journey, embrace every moment. Everything about this experience is preparing you for tomorrow and the rest of your future. It is up to you to make the most of it. I am thankful for my fellow sisters that inspire others, love selflessly, and that are loyal friends. These women and my experiences within Kappa Delta have shaped me to be the woman I am today. I could never say thank you enough. AOT.

Love and AOT,



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