Love Letters to KD / To: My Wonderful Fam

Hey My Loves,

Today I am introducing you to one of the blog's favorite series: Love Letters to KD. February is the month of love, and it is the perfect opportunity for us to express our appreciation for our sisters and this chapter. Stay tuned over the next week leading up to Valentine's Day to hear from a few of our sisters.

The first blog post is close to my heart because it comes from my sweet little. If I wrote a love letter, it would most definitely include this sweet soul. I could go on forever about the love I have for her and the rest of my "fam", but I will let you hear from her!

Much Love,

Hannah Cobb

VP Public Relations

To: My Wonderful Fam (Anna Kate and Hannah)

I cannot begin to put into words how much the both of you mean to me.

Hannah, from the moment that I met you I knew how amazing of a friend, mentor, and leader you are. You light up every room with your enthusiastic and kind demeanor. I can’t count the amount of times that you have encouraged me when I’m down, pushed me when I’m unmotivated, and loved me when I needed it most. You inspire me each and every day to never give up and always be unapologetically authentic. The day of Big/Little Reveal was a day that has forever changed my life for the better. I gained such an amazing Big that I can now call a best friend. 

Anna Kate, you are perfect in every way. You are driven, honest, and extremely compassionate. I am so thankful that I was your SET Leader through the Kappa Delta New Member program, which allowed us to get so close. When I picked you as a Rose Bud, I could not wait to get to know you even more. Good thing I took you on two dates because I think that’s what really sealed the deal! You show me each and every day what a true friend is and I am forever blessed that God placed you in my life.

These two are truly the most humble and benevolent people I know. If you don’t already know them, you better get to it because you are missing out. I cannot imagine my life without them. Good thing they’re stuck with me forever! It is sisters like these two as well as every single member in the Alpha Chi chapter that make it so easy to love Kappa Delta and the many blessings that come with it.

AOT and Much Love,

Caroline Summersgill


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