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Updated: May 1, 2019

Coming from a family where both my mom and sister were Kappa Deltas, I have always known where I would call my second home in college. I didn’t realize just how much I wanted it until I went through recruitment my freshman year. I walked into Kappa Delta and instantly felt at home. It was an indescribable feeling that came over me and I knew from the minute I walked in the room that I wanted to be just like the women that surrounded me. I felt instantly comfortable and at ease. The women I talked to wanted to get to know me. The conversation was genuine, not surface level and the connection was instant, not forced. I walked out of the Kappa Delta lodge during the Open House round of recruitment and felt excitement, but also anxiety. I was worried that Kappa Delta wouldn’t want me as much as I wanted them.

I was #pumped when I found out I was to return to Kappa Delta for the sisterhood round the next day. Just like the day before, I talked with more people who were equally as amazing and I was so intimidated. I was praying that I would be asked to return for the final round, Preference Day and almost cried tears of joy when I saw that I was invited back. I walked into the lodge, and I spoke with one of my very best friends who I’ve known for forever. My teary-eyed self told her that I wanted to be a Kappa Delta, and that this place felt like home to me.

After Preference round ended, I went home, attempted to calm my nerves for a few hours and headed back to the TONK to get my bid card. I opened my card and I screamed! A few other girls in my Gamma Chi group and I had gotten KD and we were all jumping and hugging, as if we had known each other forever. We went to go pick up our Bid Day tanks and then walked to the lane to meet our new sisters. I ran up to my very best friend, Francie Aulds and almost tackled her when I saw her holding my name! I just could not believe that the sisterhood I has always dreamed of was one that I would call my own.

It was amazing to see how different we all were. It was then that I realized that I was special. We all were. The most amazing feeling is to feel like you belong, to feel wanted. That’s what I felt on Bid Day and that’s what I continue to feel, even two years later. It’s crazy to think that some of us began as strangers, but now these women are some of my very best friends. The sisterhood is real. These are the people who support me during my highs and my lows. Kappa Delta isn’t for one type of person, however, we are all different in so many ways. Kappa Delta is about coming together as one. KD pushes us to reach the best versions of ourselves academically, spiritually, and personally. Kappa Delta pushes its members to meet its standards, because it will not lower those if its circle for you. Kappa Delta is so much more than a sorority, it’s a family, it’s sisterhood, it’s a support system. It’s home.


Camille Tatum


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