Meet Catherine Willis: Vice President Standards

Updated: May 1, 2019

Hello! My name is Catherine Willis and I’m a junior accounting major from Minden, Louisiana. My decision to become a Bulldog was made quite early on, as it has become a family tradition to hang the quickly accumulating Louisiana Tech degrees in my grandmom’s hallway. Minden is a short forty-five-minute drive to Ruston, but I still needed a Tech family and a home away from home.

The last place I thought I would find that was in Kappa Delta. So many women in my family were in sororities, and the way they spoke of them made them sound like something I would not want to be a part of. All of these women in my family were social, extroverted, and loved all-things feminine. I am, quite frankly, the opposite of that. Most importantly to me, I don’t tend to form fast friends with people I barely know. That is what I pictured a sorority to be like: possibly superficial, most likely surface-level. I figured, surely there would not be any introverted, timid people in these sororities at Tech.

I was very wrong. I was guilty of falling susceptible to all of the stigmas surrounding sororities. What I found instead was that there were plenty of people like me and plenty of people who weren’t like me. That was the point. We were all individuals, but we could all find some common ground not only within our personalities, but also within our fascination with this new sisterhood we would come to love. Sororities are meant to have all kinds of people or otherwise, we would fall short of success in many ways. I realized after I had met a few people who were in the same boat as me that we all played an integral part in the bigger picture that was Kappa Delta. I was important, we all were.

During recruitment, I set my eyes on the house with the philanthropy centered around confidence. Confidence was something that I knew would be a challenge for me – a challenge that I was in desperate need of taking on at that. As a freshman, I was named co-homecoming chair. This seemed like a giant, daunting task for someone who had just joined the organization. I was grateful to have an older, experienced member as my co-chair. However, I realized that after all of our work was done with the help of our homecoming committee, our ages and experiences did not matter. We all came together to win first in the supply drive and second in the float building competition. My confidence was growing without me even noticing it.

I went on in Kappa Delta to become a SET leader. I could write so many things about that experience, but what I will stick with is this – I have never had something challenge me so much in my life. This experience took me so far out of my comfort zone (in a good way) that, before I knew it, I was considering trying out for council. This thought almost made me laugh out loud back then because it was a goal that a high school Catherine would never have even attempted. Kappa Delta’s confidence coalition was getting to me.

I somehow stretched my luck far enough to land the position as the Corresponding Secretary my sophomore year. I figured that this position would help me to see into the life of a council member. I was wrong in some ways and right in others. I had a very small glimpse into the life of the secretary. I saw what a few of her responsibilities were like, but not nearly all of them. I couldn’t help but be more and more curious, so this past fall quarter, I tried out for council. I landed the position of Vice President Standards – a position I was very honored to receive. To me, being in this position meant that not only did people think that I could represent them well as a leader, but also that I was a level-headed and fair person who could stand her ground. I could not believe my luck.

I am so honored to represent my sorority in this way. Kappa Delta has given me more than I could have ever imagined. My friendships, opportunities, and confidence that I have received will remain close to my heart for the rest of my life. To Kappa Delta, I will ever loyal be, my own KD, my own KD.

With love,



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