Rachel Pharr

I grew up in a family without Greeks and a town without Greeks. I did not know a single lady who was a member of a sorority, but I was determined to be one. For me it was an easy “yes” from the moment I decided to go to Louisiana Tech. The nerves didn’t start to settle in until I moved in to my apartment and realized I left all of my clothes I had picked out for recruitment at home. #yikes While I may have had a rocky start, recruitment was one of my favorite college experiences.

Recruitment was incredible, however, it was nothing like what I had expected. Recruitment was light conversations that brought out what made me, me. What I realized was that the women talking to me were just as nervous as I was. I was ignorant to most things #srat, but when I walked into the KD lodge I knew I’d be accepted just the way I was. I was met with confident women who from the looks of it, embraced each other and genuinely loved their sisters. Through every cheer and side glance to one another I knew this was the sweetest sisterhood I had witnessed. Coming off of a mission trip I was concerned with how my faith would stand in the Greek world. After all, a strong faith is not stereotypical of greek organizations. Kappa Delta assured me that faith was part of their values and that I would find sisters who would hold me accountable. I remember on Pref Day, the girl I was talking to said that “my love for Christ would be a light to [their] chapter”. From that moment I knew I had found my home.

That same girl, Madison, would become my big a few months later. I struggled with finding myself during the beginning of my journey at Tech, but Madison’s confidence inspired me to love myself, love my place, and love the people around me while they are here. She treated me like she had known me my whole life and until I met her I hadn’t realized how desperately I needed someone like her. Only eight months after we met we made a goal to travel to Paris, France before she graduated and left for law school. We saved, shopped, planned, and on February 27th, 2018 I boarded the flight to the most incredible place with my bestie right by my side. Of course we did the touristy things like visiting the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Versailles, but the moments that meant the most to me were much smaller. For instance taking the WRONG metro an hour out of the city (oops). We were so distracted talking about our goals in life and how we’d get there. (She’s killing it in law school by the way.) Or when we tried to walk to the Eiffel Tower without directions not realizing it was much farther than it looked. (3 hours/10,000+ steps later...)

The long flight back I thought about how Madison had come into my life at the perfect time, gave me the confidence I needed, encouraged me, prayed for me, and loved me and now it was my turn to do the same for the girl who was just like 18 year-old me. If there was one thing I could say about my sisters, it’s that Kappa Delta is a group of beautifully confident women due to the foundation the sisters before them laid.

My sisters are genuine women who see the best in me, even before I do. They inspire me to be a better version of myself than yesterday and to perpetually love myself.

After just three short years, I will graduate in May with my bachelors in finance. However, I am not letting go of this sisterhood quite yet. I can’t wait to conquer my MBA with my best girls by my side in 2019. I could give all of the credit to Kappa Delta for my academic success while in college. They pushed me to study hard and assured me that a bad test grade did not define me. I know with certainty that even after my MBA, the friendships I have made in KD will carry on. After all, this sisterhood is for a lifetime not just four fast years.

Looking back at Kappa Delta and the years it has given me, I couldn’t be more humbled. I am surrounded by some of the most Godly women I have ever met. These are the lifelong friendships I prayed about when I felt alone and lost as a freshman on a college campus. I am forever thankful for Kappa Delta, Madison, and every sister in between. I owe KD big time.





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