To: Chandler

I want to just share how cool of a best friend I was blessed with.

We are from the same high school but she was a year older than me and was #sporty while I was #not. When I found out she was transfer to Louisiana Tech right before I started college, I was excited to get to know her. Little did I know we were about to become a lot closer than I ever would have imagined.

Kappa Delta immediately brought us together. I had a person to do everything with, and I mean everything. College wouldn’t have been the same without my sidekick. Not only did we join KD, we also are in SGA, in the same community group, and went to the same church so yeah, every night of the week you could find us together. She has been the person that has guided me through all the obstacles Tech has thrown my way and been by my side to make the best memories with.

To the friend who is my date to every party, to the girl that was there to total a car, to my forever travel buddy, we have made the BEST memories. I owe so much to you. You believe in me and have helped me through every step of college. She is a true friend and one that has been such a blessing. I am thankful for the opportunity to experience life with her. You’re the best, love you Chandler!




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