To: Frances and Drew

To: Frances and Drew,

My roomies, each of you never cease to radiate constant positivity and an endless joy that I am so grateful to have in my life.  From cooking pasta at least once a week to our long chats on the living room floor, our apartment has easily become a place I feel at home, away from home.  Considering the many laughs, study nights, and kitchen fiascos we have shared together, I really do not know how we would function without each other. Living with two women that emulate everything that is honorable, beautiful, and highest has had such a positive impact on my quality of life. 

Frances, you are a perfectionist like me and honestly, I could not describe a friendship more perfect than ours.  Since sharing those two classes together last winter quarter, our friendship has blossomed into one that I could not imagine life without.  You remain a constant in my life that I am so thankful for. From our One Direction car concerts to the long talks we have when we are both stressing over the smallest things, life is simply better with you in it.  Thank you for never failing to laugh at my hilarious jokes and always pretending to be entertained by my fashion shows when I receive new clothes in the mail. You are truly a trooper for handling the high maintenance woman that is myself.  You lend me your listening ears, give the best advice, and have produced a never ending peace in my life because I know you will always be by my side supporting my every endeavor. You are such a beautiful, admirable young woman who puts her all in everything she does.  I am so lucky to live across the hall from someone that shines brighter than any of my highlighters on the inside as much as she does on the outside. I will never be able to express how appreciative I am of Kappa Delta for giving me you.

Drew, thank the Lord for random roommates!  Our apartment was your first home in Ruston and I am still over the moon you chose Kappa Delta as your second home.  Not only does your constant optimism make any cloudy day bright again, but your inability to use a kitchen keep me on my toes.  I will never forget fanning the fire alarms so they will shut off as a result of you trying to make popcorn or driving you to quick care to get glued back together because chopping onions is not your thing.  Even though you are not kitchen friendly at the moment, your eagerness to learn a new skill, in the kitchen or elsewhere, inspires me. You have such a positive outlook on everything you do and that encourages me to live in that same way.  You are bound to achieve such great heights in your life and I am so excited to watch as you succeed. I am so happy that Kappa Delta brought such a precious soul like you in my life. 

Each of you came into my life by chance and have so quickly become two people I greatly treasure.  I am so lucky to have the both of you as roomies, friends, and sisters. Here’s to more adventures and memories.  B12 forever and sisters for a lifetime.

Love and AOT,



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