To: Kappa Delta

During the New Member experience it's mentioned several times that Kappa Delta is for a lifetime. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I am so glad that is so true! The relationships, skills, and foundations for success that I have gained during my time in Kaydee are shaping me into the woman I am, and the woman I will always be. This is all thanks to the wonderful and confident women I have had the opportunity to grow with through Kappa Delta. I'd like to share a little bit about the women who have been oh so special to me during my time in house.

To the alumnae who inspire me daily:

Mrs. Holly, thank you for pouring into me at a young age and instilling in me the ideals of Kappa Delta. You show me every day what it means to be honorable, beautiful, and highest. You are an amazing mother, nurse practitioner, and woman of God. I hope one day to be as graceful and kind as you are to everyone you meet. Thank you for helping me fall in love with Kappa Delta. Mrs. Kiper, you poured confidence into me while I was on your yearbook staff and that has left a lasting impact on me. Your work ethic is so inspiring, and you taught all of the girls on yearbook staff how to be a #girlboss too. Emily, meeting you during welcome week was such an important part of my KD story. I remember thinking, “I wonder what sorority Emily, my oh so cool Gamma Chi, is in? I wanna be in her sisterhood!” Who would have known you would become my grandbig? From watching sappy movies on my couch or bonding over our cats, I have loved every second we spend together, and I am dreading you moving next year!!

To my in-house sissies that brighten my life:

Lindsay, you entered my life at the perfect time!! Thank you for being my go-to girl. From our shy first hang-out at the BCM to being each others future bridesmaids, we have created so many precious memories that I will always treasure. Emily, thank you for always being my recycling buddy, and always being down for a good waffle house date. You are a light to our sisterhood, and bring so much joy to our Kappa Delta. Kellyn, you may not be in my chapter, but the AOT love is just as great. One conversation with you will keep me smiling for days. You are exactly what a Kaydee woman should strive to be, and I will always

look up to you as a role model.

To the future of Kappa Delta:

Kelsey, I am so happy that you chose me as your big!! You are so creative, funny, and a great listener. We are so lucky to have you in Kappa Delta, and I am even luckier that you wanted me to be your big. Brooke, keep shining your light!! You are so smart and driven, and there are amazing things in store for you. My girls (and the rest of PC 18), I cant wait to see how you mature here in our circle. I know you have both the talent and dedication to keep our Kappa Delta great.


Reagan McCrary


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