To: Katelyn, Cora, & Maggie

I began my college journey at Louisiana Tech without knowing a single soul in Ruston. I was encouraged to go through Recruitment, and I am so glad I did. When the day came to run down the lane to my new home at Kappa Delta, I was overwhelmed with excitement and joy. Little did I know what an amazing adventure I had just begun. Kappa Delta has already brought me so many new, lifelong friendships, great college experiences, and unbelievable opportunities. However, I am most grateful for the sisters I have gained.

After one of our very first nights as Kappa Delta's Katelyn, Cora, Maggie, and I went to eat dinner. We were total strangers for the most part, and had bonded over how absolutely starving we were. So, we decided we just had to eat together immediately after our meeting. If anyone knows us, this isn’t a shocker, we eat a lot. At dinner, we talked for hours about anything and everything. Almost instantly, we became inseparable and still are to this day. They love me when I need it most, make me laugh so hard I can’t breathe, and always stick by my side through thick and thin. I couldn’t imagine my college experience without Katelyn, Cora, and Maggie. I am forever indebted to Kappa Delta for introducing me to my best friends, future bridesmaids, and most importantly, forever sisters.

Love and AOT,



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