To: Kirstynn, Grace, and Raygan

Dear Kirstynn, Grace, and Raygan,

My mom always told me that joining a sorority brought her some of the best people in her life, and that one day, I would have the same experience. Well, now she can tell me “I told you so.”

Before recruitment started I read some posts on KD’s Instagram about what members why they loved KD. I saw countless responses that included “authenticity,” “God”, “supportive,” “inspiring,” and “joy.” As I was surrounded by my pledge class on bid day, I was excited to find the girls my mom and current KDs talked about, but I had no idea who they would be. I thank God every day that it’s y’all (and for initiated order ;)).

Y’all are the epitome of what it means to be a sister. Whether it is Kirstynn saving me a seat at mass, Raygan yelling constant jokes, or Grace always encouraging me, I am constantly inspired by the amazing friends that y’all are. You three are such treasures. Y’all are supportive, bring me closer to Christ, exude confidence and love, and bring endless laughter and joy to my life. Thank you for making life a lot less stressful and a lot more fun.

No one I’d rather watch the bachelor with, share my hobby lobby obsessions with, eat junk food with (even though Raygan only eats French fries and corn), or have heart-to-hearts with. I am so blessed to get to experience life with y’all. I can’t wait to make more memories with my favorite girls!

So, thank you, Grace, Kirstynn, and Raygan, for being the most amazing friends a girl could dream of, and thank you, Kappa Delta, for giving me them.

So much love,



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